April 14, 2022 • 1 min read

Why is my Instagram account ‘unavailable' or not appearing?

Having problems finding or selecting your Instagram account when connecting to Bidddy?

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There are 3 reasons why this might happen. Please review the following problems/solutions:

1. Your Instagram account is not set to a Business or Creator account

To solve this, go to Instagram > Settings > Account and switch your account to Business or Creator. Need help? Learn How to Switch to an Instagram Business or Creator Account.

⚠️ Scheduling an auction requires a Business account. Quickstart or Quickstart Plus auctions can either be used with a Creator or Business account.

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2. Your Instagram or Facebook account has not been selected

To solve this, ensure you have selected the Instagram and Facebook account you want to use with Bidddy.

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3. You don't have a Facebook Page linked to your Instagram account

To solve this, you will need connect a Facebook Page to your Instagram account. Need help? How to Link a Facebook Page to an Instagram account.

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