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What is Bidddy and how does it work?

Bidddy is an all-in-one auction platform built for individuals and organizations to create, post and manage social auctions to raise funds and grow online at the same time.

Here are just a few things you can do with Bidddy:

• Create and schedule auctions to Instagram

• Reach more people and boost engagement by auto-managing bids made in the comment section

• Reach bidders from multiple places, including web, mobile, Instagram and in-person

• Manage auctions, bidders, and events

How much does Bidddy cost?

You can try Bidddy for free, run an event for $500, or hire our social auction experts to help you for an hourly rate.

Do you help gather auction items?

Not at the moment, but let us know if this is something you want! 👉

Is Bidddy safe to use with my Instagram?

Yes! Bidddy is an approved Instagram tool. This means our entire platform has gone through a rigorous approval process from Instagram themselves.

Does Bidddy charge additional fees?

Nope! Unlike other platforms, we don’t charge payment fees, processing fees, service fees, however you want to name it fees. The plans listed above are what you pay!

Can you hook me up with Bidfoot?

Bidfoot is not nearly as elusive as you may think. Send a note to


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