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How does Bidddy work?

Bidddy is the world's first tool that can manage Instagram auctions for you. With Bidddy you can:

• Create, schedule and manage auctions

• Auto-confirm and track bids

• Auto-detect and correct low bids

• Auto-detect and track deleted bids

• Notify bidders when they are outbid

• Notify auction winners

• And more!

Say hello to your very own personal Auctioneer!

Who uses Bidddy?

Bidddy is used by small, medium and large brands from around the world.

Helping sell and promote products and services across all categories from custom shoes, fine arts and crafts, hospitality, sports, charities and everything in between. 

If it can be sold, then Bidddy can help!

Why use Bidddy?

Save Time  & Sell More
We handle everything from tracking bids, to keeping your customers informed and engaged throughout your auction.

More time to fulfill orders, create content, and grow your business!

Drive campaign engagement

Whether you're collaborating with another creator or a big brand, social auctions are a great way to drive a ton of engagement.

Can I use Bidddy on other Social Platforms?

We currently just offer support for Instagram but we plan on expanding to other platforms very soon. Let us know what one you want us to support next by contacting us!

How much does Bidddy cost?

Bidddy is currently in beta and free to use! All we ask is that you provide feedback on your experience using Bidddy :)

Can you hook me up with Bidfoot?

Bidfoot is not nearly as elusive as you may think. Send a note to


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