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bradsmith Bid $275 🔥

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margosimpson Thanks! Your bid is confirmed

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stefslife Bid $150, I need these!

29m Reply

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margosimpson Your bid was too low. Please bid $280 or higher

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margosimpson You've won the auction 🎉 Please DM us

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Save Time. Sell More.

Schedule auctions, track and automatically respond to bids, run online/in-person events, notify winners, and much more! Sell and market smarter, not harder.

1200+ auctions powered by Bidddy in the past year alone!

Auction Postings

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Less Time Running More Time Making

Sell More & Save Time.

Selling on social can be very time consuming, especially when running an auction. Bidddy takes care of running the auction for you, so you can spend more time making, selling and promoting.

• Create and manage auctions
• Schedule and auto publish posts
• Confirm and track bids
• Detect and help correct bid errors
• Notify bidders if they are outbid
• Notify auction winners

Your Brand Will Love You For It

Build Brand Equity.

Your most valuable asset is your brand. Bidddy helps you build your online presence and brand by increasing engagement, driving anticipation and building loyalty.

• Auction focused campaigns
• Build anticipation and demand
• Drive traffic
• Validate product pricing

Because Auctions are Super Cool & Fun

Lead the Need for Fun

What is there not to like? For consumers, social auctions are basically a combination of shopping, gaming and social media. Bidddy is a mashup of all the goodness.

• Increased Engagement
• Make it fun
• More traffic
• Latest and greatest

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Welcome to the Bidddy Live, our showcase of the amazing things people sell, powered by Bidddy! Keep coming back or visit @getbidddy on Instagram to follow the latest and greatest social auctions!

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