Auctions on Instagram: allowed or not? (plus other common questions)

Rhys Lawson @rhyslawson / December 31, 2022 • 5 min read

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Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos, videos, and stories with their followers. Many businesses and individuals use Instagram to promote their products or services to reach a larger audience.

But can auctions also be held on Instagram? In short, yes, auctions are allowed on Instagram as long as they are conducted in a fair and legal manner.

What is an Instagram auction?

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An Instagram auction is a type of online auction that is held directly on Instagram. Instagram auctions work by posting a photo or video of a product, experience or service on your feed and letting your audience place bids in the comments section.

It is a way for sellers to offer items, services or experiences for sale to a wide audience, and for buyers to bid on these items to have fun and secure the best price! Instagram auctions are a great way for organizations to interact with their community, boost engagement or run charity events.

Are auctions allowed on Instagram?

According to Instagram's Community Guidelines, auctions are allowed on the platform as long as they are conducted in a fair and legal manner. This means that sellers must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, and must not engage in any deceptive or fraudulent practices.

In order to run a fair auction, sellers must clearly disclose the terms and conditions of the auction, including any shipping/payment fees or charges associated with participating in the auction. Additionally, sellers must include the following information in order to give the best bidding experience possible:

• Auction end date and time

• Clear product description

• Starting bid

• Bid increment (how much bids need to increase by)

Are there any apps or tools for Instagram auctions?

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Bidddy is currently the only known tool that can be used to post and manage auctions on Instagram. This app allows sellers to create an auction listing and manage the bidding process directly on Instagram. This maximizes the amount of bidders your auction gets because unlike other auction platforms Bidddy doesn't link to a site outside of Instagram; you can bid directly on the post!

Bidddy provides a range of features and functions to help sellers manage their auctions, including the ability to schedule posts, track bids from multiple users, and even enable Buy It Now (BIN) tracking.


In conclusion, auctions are allowed on Instagram as long as they are conducted in a fair and legal manner. There is also only one known app available to help sellers conduct auctions on the platform. Whether you're a seller looking to offer items for auction or a buyer looking to participate in an auction, it's important to familiarize yourself with Instagram's guidelines and the terms and conditions of the auction before participating.

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