May 15, 2022 • 2 min read

How to create a Quick Start Plus auction?


• Bidddy account

• A connected Instagram Business/Creator account

Creating a Quick Start Plus auction

Step 1

Go to and click the "+".

Bidddy Image

Step 2

Select the "Quick Start Plus" option.

Bidddy Image

Step 3

Select the account you want to run the auction on.

💡 This step only appears if you have multiple accounts connected or if your account is unavailable.

Bidddy Image

Step 4

Give your auction a cool name.

Bidddy Image

Step 5

Fill out the fields outlined below by tapping on them. When you're finished, click "Next".

Bidddy Image

Step 6

Copy the command by clicking the “@getBidddy auction-code-a” text.

Bidddy Image

Step 7

When you're ready to start the auction, head over to the Instagram post that you want to connect with Bidddy.

Bidddy Image

Step 8

Include the auto-start code in the description of your auction or post it as a comment.

Bidddy Image

That's it! Your auction is now live 🎉

Sit back and relax while we manage all of the incoming bids for you

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