April 19, 2022 • 1 min read

Responses to the different types of bids

Responses with multiple options are picked at random.


This is sent when a valid bid is detected.


Thanks @bidder! Your bid is confirmed
Thanks @bidder! Bid confirmed
Thanks @bidder! Your bid is in!

Too low

This is sent when a bid lower than the highest bid is detected.


@bidder your bid was too low! Please place a bid $50 or higher
Sorry @bidder,ย your bid was too low! Please bid $50 or higher
Too low! Your bid needs to be $50 or higher
@bidder Your bid was too low! Try $50 or higher. Not sure what the highest bid is? Just comment “Highest bid?”


This is sent to a bidder when they get outbid.


@bidder you've been out-bid! The highest bid is now $45
@bidder you've been out-bid! Please bid $50 or more

Highest bid

This is sent when someone asks 'What is the highest bid?' or simply 'highest bid'.


@bidder the highest bid is $50

Cancelled by Seller

This is sent to the bidder when a bid is cancelled by the auction owner on Bidddy.


Your bid has been cancelled

Incorrect currency

This is sent when an invalid currency symbol is used (i.e. € when the auction is in $).


Bids need to be in $CAD. Example: “bid $100” or simply “bid 100”
Sorry,ย this auction is in $CAD


This is sent to the highest bidder when the auction ends.


@bidder you won the auction! ๐ŸŽ‰ Please DM me
@bidder the auction is over, and you're the highest bidder! Please message me
@bidder your bid is the winner! ๐ŸŽ‰ Please DM me

Closed auction

This is sent to a bidder if the auction has already ended.


Sorry @bidder, the auction has closed