50 Raffle Basket Ideas for Your Next Fundraising Event

image of raffle baskets full of different prizes

Welcome charities! Are you looking for fresh and exciting raffle basket ideas to elevate your next fundraising event? Look no further! In this article, we've compiled a comprehensive list of 50 unique raffle basket ideas that are sure to capture the attention of your donors and generate buzz for your cause. Dive into our diverse selection of themed movie nights, spa days, family game nights, gardening, outdoor BBQs, and much more. These ideas are designed to help you create unforgettable raffle experiences that will drive ticket sales and support your charitable efforts. So, get ready to be inspired and take your fundraising to the next level!

1. Movie Night Magic

Themed Movie Night is a popular raffle basket idea that's perfect for families and movie enthusiasts. Consider putting together a themed basket based on a popular movie, like Frozen, and include items such as the DVD, popcorn, candy, and cozy blankets. You can even include a gift certificate to a local movie theater for an extra special touch. This is a fun and versatile option that's sure to attract a wide range of raffle participants.

• Popcorn maker

• Assorted popcorn flavors

• Movie tickets

• Cozy blankets

2. Spa Day Delight

mid-century modern scene showing different spa accessories

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with a spa day raffle basket idea. Create a luxurious spa experience right at home with a variety of high-quality products and treatments. Here are some ideas to include in your spa day raffle basket

• Bath bombs

• Essential oils

• Luxury towels

• Spa gift certificate

3. Gourmet Cooking Extravaganza

• High-quality olive oils

• Specialty spices

• Cooking classes voucher

• Cookware set

4. Fitness Fanatic's Dream

• Fitness tracker

• Protein bars

• Gym membership

• Water bottle

5. Bookworm Bliss

graphic of different scenes with books in them

• Bestselling books

• Cozy reading nook accessories

• Bookstore gift card

6. Coffee Lover's Paradise

old style coffee poster

A Coffee Accessory Set can be a wonderful addition to your charity raffle basket, offering a variety of items to help coffee enthusiasts brew the perfect cup of coffee. Here are some ideas to consider for your coffee-themed raffle basket

• Gourmet coffee beans

• French press

• Variety of mugs

• Coffee shop gift card

7. Family Game Night

Family game night raffle basket is a great way to bring families together while supporting a good cause. Here are some ideas for family game night raffle baskets:

• Board games

• Snacks

• Movie night DVD collection

8. Techie's Treasure Trove

• Bluetooth headphones

• Portable charger

• Gadgets and tech accessories

9. Wine Connoisseur Collection

A table full of fine wine and cheeses

• Assorted wines

• Wine glasses

• Cheese board and gourmet cheeses

10. Outdoor Adventure Pack

• Camping gear

• Hiking boots

• National park passes

11. Crafty Creations Corner

various craft supplies

• Art supplies

• DIY project kits

• Craft store gift card

12. Beach Day Bonanza

• Beach towels

• Sunscreen

• Flip-flops

• Beach toys

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13. Pampered Pet Haven

• Pet grooming kit

• Toys and treats

• Pet store gift card

14. Home Chef's Haven

• Specialty kitchen gadgets

• Recipe books

• Grocery store gift card

15. Chocolate Lover's Fantasy

• Assorted chocolates

• Fondue set

• Chocolate-themed desserts

16. Gardener's Glory

gardening tools

• Flower seeds

• Gardening tools

• Plant nursery gift card

17. Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

• Yoga mat

• Meditation cushion

• Yoga class pass

18. Travel Enthusiast's Escape

• Travel accessories

• Luggage set

• Travel vouchers

19. Music Maestro's Kit

• Headphones

• Concert tickets

• Music streaming gift card

20. Sweet Tooth Sampler

• Assorted candies

• Dessert cookbook

• Baking supplies

21. Home Office Haven

• Desk accessories

• Ergonomic chair

• Office supply gift card

22. Fitness Class Frenzy

• Class passes (yoga, spin, etc.)

• Workout gear

• Fitness tracker

23. Culinary World Tour

Whether you're an experienced chef or a beginner baker, a cooking and baking basket is a versatile raffle prize that can appeal to a wide audience. Here are some creative ideas to fill your basket and make it a hit at your next charity event.

• International spices

• Cooking classes vouchers

• Ethnic cookware

24. Mindfulness and Meditation Basket

• Guided meditation CDs

• Relaxation essential oils

• Meditation app subscription

25. Tech and Gadgets Galore

• Smart home devices

• Wireless chargers

• Tech store gift card

26. Tea Time Treasure Trove

• Assorted teas

• Tea kettle

• Tea accessories

27. Artistic Expression Station

• Art supplies

• Art workshop vouchers

• Art gallery tickets

28. BBQ Bonanza


These raffle basket ideas are perfect for an outdoor BBQ theme and will help make your charity fundraiser a tremendous success. Whether it's for a mighty millions raffle, an online raffle, or a local charity event, these diverse and enticing raffle baskets are designed to attract participants. From practical tools to entertaining items, these raffle baskets are sure to make your charity fundraiser a tremendous success.

• BBQ tools set

• Gourmet BBQ sauces

• Grill gift card

29. Mind-Body-Soul Retreat

• Yoga mat

• Aromatherapy oils

• Spa day voucher

30. Game On Gaming Basket

• Video games

• Gaming accessories

• Game store gift card

31. Baking Extravaganza

• Baking tools

• Cake decorating kit

• Specialty baking ingredients

32. Self-Care Sanctuary

• Luxury candles

• Bathrobe

• Spa day voucher

33. Camping Essentials Kit

• Tent

• Sleeping bags

• Camping stove

34. Picnic Perfection

• Picnic basket

• Blanket

• Gourmet picnic snacks

35. Backyard BBQ Bash

• Grill

• BBQ sauces and rubs

• Outdoor dining set

36. Virtual Reality Voyage

• VR headset

• Virtual reality games

• VR experience vouchers

37. Fitness Freak's Fuel

• Protein powder

• Blender bottle

• Gym apparel

38. Gourmet Popcorn Paradise

• Popcorn varieties

• Seasonings

• Popcorn maker

39. DIY Home Improvement Kit

• Tools set

• Home improvement store gift card

• DIY project guides

40. Wine and Dine Extravaganza

• Fine wine selection

• Dining gift cards

• Cooking class vouchers

41. Car Care Collection

• Car detailing kit

• Gas station gift card

• Car accessories

42. Golfing Getaway

• Golf clubs

• Golf balls

• Golf course vouchers

43. Fitness at Home Bundle

• Home workout equipment

• Workout DVDs

• Fitness magazine subscription

44. Plant Parent Starter Kit

• Indoor plants

• Plant care accessories

• Nursery gift card

45. Ultimate Board Game Bonanza

• Board games collection

• Snacks

• Board game café voucher

46. Winter Wonderland

• Cozy blankets

• Hot cocoa mix

• Ice skating rink passes

47. Road Trip Ready

• Road trip essentials (snacks, maps, etc.)

• Gas station gift card

• Travel games

48. Photography Passion

• Camera accessories

• Photography class vouchers

• Photo album

49. DIY Cocktail Corner

• Cocktail shaker set

• Premium liquors

• Cocktail recipe book

50. Home Spa Serenity

• Robes and slippers

• Aromatherapy diffuser

• Massage gift certificates

In conclusion, these 50 raffle basket ideas offer a wide range of options for charities looking to host successful fundraising events. From themed movie nights to spa days, kitchen essentials, and various other themed baskets, there is something for everyone. These ideas are sure to appeal to a diverse audience and help charities raise the funds they need for their causes.

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