April 25, 2022 • 2 min read

How to create an auction on Instagram?


• Bidddy account

• A connected Instagram Business/Creator account

3 ways to create an auction with Bidddy on Instagram

Quick Start

Don't have time to fill out auction settings for each one? As long as you have a connected Instagram Business or Creator account, Bidddy will use your default starting bid, bid increment, duration, etc. to automatically manage your bids.

To get started, copy and paste the following in your post description or as a comment.

@getbidddy start

Click here, to learn more about Quick Start auctions.

Quick Start Plus

Running multiple auctions that need different auction settings? Use QuickStart Plus to specify the end time, start bid, bid increment and more!

Quickly and easily start your auction by the auto-start code in your post description or post it as a comment.

Click here, to learn more about Quick Start Plus auctions.


Don't have time to stick around for the start of your auctions? Schedule a bunch in advance!

Specify the time you want your auctions to post on Instagram and let Bidddy take care of the rest. This is best option if you want the full handsfree experience of Bidddy!

Click here, to learn more about Scheduled auctions.

💡 Instagram limits users to scheduling more than 25 posts within 24 hours.